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A Niagara based, small business specializing in Resume Design. My goals are simply to help you achieve your work related, career focused dreams. After graduating from the University of Toronto with a B.A in English and History and a brief decade spent raising two tiny humans, I was ready to re-enter the work force much the same way many of you are.  It quickly became clear that I would need a professional resume to try and stand out in an ever evolving and increasingly competitive landscape.  I found it difficult to find someone who could summarize my path with a personal touch and provide a resume I was both comfortable with and proud of.  That search sparked the concept that is now The Designer Resume.  I am now a Certified Professional Resume Writer.   The days of self-made, cut and paste resumes are no longer relevant. A resume needs to be properly designed and executed not just manufactured through what appears to be an overused template.  The Designer Resume will stand out, because it is curated based on each individuals' life and career experience. You can look forward to being a number one priority as I design the resume that will allow you to stand out.